Complexity Of Parking Area Availability At A National Level

The complexity of parking area availability in the Philippines shines light on the importance of incorporating parking facilities in urban development. 

The Philippines boasts a vibrant driving culture influenced by American trends, with locals exhibiting a fervent interest in automobiles. However, this enthusiasm for said vehicles stands in stark contrast to the country’s parking culture, which grapples with a severe lack of adequate parking infrastructure. The consequences are evident—chaotic parking situations and mounting frustrations for both drivers and commuters.

Government Pushes LGUs to Promote Urban Mobility By Creating More Parking Areas in the Country

 As such, multiple local government units have called on leaders all over the country to push forth movements that promote urban mobility. The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) spearheaded this initiative, urging communities to convert vacant lots into pay parking areas, PUV terminals, and other public spaces to be used by vehicles. 

Baguio: One Step Ahead In Addressing Parking Area Availability

Up north, Baguio’s city government plans to construct more parking areas to address the influx of car users in the city. Currently, the city mayor claims to have eight available lots for transformation into a usable multilevel parking building. The eight soon-to-be-erected parking facilities are said to be able to accommodate over 2,000 cars—a notable contribution to the 2,700 parking slots currently existing in Baguio.

How UPark Intends to Address this Perennial Issue 

As the Philippines endeavors to enhance its urban landscape, initiatives like become crucial in fostering efficient and sustainable mobility solutions. UPark intends to address the perennial issue of parking area availability by implementing smart parking management systems. 

Expertise As a Parking Management Company

As a parking management company, UPark assumes its vital role in traffic management and optimizing parking space utilization, thereby enhancing the overall parking experience of both commuters and drivers. 

A. Service Portfolio

Not only is UPark’s level of experience in parking management unparalleled in the industry but our management expertise is coupled with value-added services that add value to our clients’ parking spaces. Additionally, our parking management services encompass a variety of parking solutions that include comprehensive parking and facility maintenance (in partnership with our sister brand Shared Solutions Inc.),  automated car parking systems, car park planning and design services, parking traffic management service, and valet services, to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

B. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Furthermore, UPark’s team is comprised of dedicated professionals committed to delivering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our respective clients, ensuring they get maximum return on investment and a hassle-free parking experience for our clients’ customers. Because we treat our partners’ success as an extension of ours. Whether commercial, residential, or mixed-use development buildings, UPark ensures a holistic approach to parking management, as well as optimal utilization of parking areas. 

Upark cashier staff standing by parking entrance

Transform Your Lot Into a Parking Area! 

With the growing demand for parking areas in urban spaces, converting your lot into a parking facility is a smart investment. Harness your space’s maximum potential by partnering with UPark! We offer comprehensive parking management services, guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction and a hassle-free parking experience for all. 

Contact us today to learn more about how you can transform your lot into a profitable parking space! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your lot into a valuable asset.

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