Who We Are

A Member Company of Velco Asia Management and Toplis Solutions Inc. Group; with 14 years of experience in parking management servicing array of parking facilities situated in hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, office buildings, airport terminals and even open lots.

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Secured and safe parking area by UPark
ADB highest floor Open Space Steel Parking Area by UPark
Controls of the Multi-deck Parking Facility by UPark
Medical Hub Professional parking professional parking management Service
Open Space Professional Parking Area at San Marcelino-Upark
Professional Car Parking Management at ZEM by UPark

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Our Partners and Clients

Our wide range of parking facilities proves that we pride ourselves in providing parking excellence at every corner

We provide a professional alternative approach towards a well-managed car park facility complemented with a realistic financial return to the property owner, together with the assurance that the car park facility is constantly appraised on the standard of superlative service provided by UPark as a whole.

Most Trusted Parking Management Company

We find ways and means to accommodate our valued partners with worthwhile mutually beneficial arrangements. Our flexible baseline proposals initializes from the following:

  • LEASE AGREEMENT wherein the CLIENT/OWNER’s guaranteed, income is by way of Rental. 
  • MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT wherein the CLIENT/OWNER employs the Services of the OPERATOR as Parking Manager. Revenue Collection is for the CLIENT/OWNER net of the Operating Expense and Service Fee due the OPERATOR 
  • SHARING AGREEMENT wherein the PARTIES agree on an apportionment of either the Revenue or Net Income without due prejudice to the incurred Operating Expense . 
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Partners over the years