Unimart Capitol Commons is a one-stop mall at Pasig City. It is located near Estancia Mall where mall goers have a wide variety of dine-in options.

Unimart’s grocery shelves are crammed with local favorites and imported goods that you won’t commonly find in most supermarkets. There are also a variety of food places where you may dine and eat, making it a great destination for those driving by who want a one-stop shop for all of their daily essentials.

A good parking space is one of the mall’s important features to be visited as many as possible. The shopper’s logical thinking is that the availability of parking will make the trip to the store worthwhile and comfortable.

Due to a large traffic and number of people who enter the Unimart Shopping mall all at once, a big parking space is one of its most important features. It is accessible to C5 and Ortigas Avenue.

The parking is managed by U-Park, designed to experience convenience, safety, and security

Unimart Capitol Common’s wide parking area can accommodate every vehicle who are looking for a perfect and safe spot of where to park in Pasig City.

Given that it is adjacent to Estancia Mall, the car park is intentionally large in order to accommodate all of their customers.

To ensure that customers experience a hassle-free engagement, we also introduce efficient parking lot management systems. We maintain the quality of this parking lot to minimize challenges for mall management and business tenants.

Additionally, automated systems have been put in place to incorporate logical fixes for a seamless parking experience for every customer.

U-Park is a long-time certified parking management partner of Unimart Capital Commons in Orabon, Pasig city. Our management expertise coupled with our value added services we provide, marks us as one of the most trusted parking management operators in Metro Manila. For more information on how U-Park can help enhance visitor parking management for your business entity, contact us today here.