Participating in the Food Support Initiative for Fire Victims

Around 360 families from Barangay 310 lost their homes to the fire that broke out along the streets of Recto last February 02, 2024. 

Responding to the urgent needs of the community, UPark, alongside esteemed partners GWMI, TOTC, and TSI orchestrated a compassionate feeding program initiative within the community aimed at offering solace and sustenance to the affected families of Brgy. 310 Manila.

The feeding program was held in the makeshift evacuation center where the fire victims were temporarily sheltered. This concerted effort aimed to address immediate needs and assist in the recovery process, ensuring that the affected families receive comprehensive support during this challenging time. 

While this simple act of compassion may be easily overshadowed by grandiosity, UPark hopes to bring out a positive impact on the victims, especially now at a time when they need the most support.

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