Car Park Planning and Design is the Core of Parking Management Business

Car parks should consist of a very strong foundation of architectural and engineered design, parking equipment, and parking functionality to generate a profitable parking management business.

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With UPark’s expertise on parking management here in Metro Manila, we have the technical know-how on providing strategic parking design demands. Our car park planning and designing include important attributes like easy entry, egress, parking stalls and logical traffic flow. All to the objective to create a low maintenance, safe and secured parking facility.

Parking Traffic Flow

We make sure that every car park is utilized through identifying strategic designs fit on your area and location. 
UPark’s experience in planning and designing car park focuses on building a well-organized and less time-consuming parking space. We assure every client that our floor designs are less looking like a maze but a straight-forward, easy, safe with less turn parking ramps. We also provide allowance for big vehicles to enter the facility the easiest way possible.  
We aim for a well-constructed parking lots for businesses to target their goals to provide a smooth vehicular access, free from added obstacle and stress. 


Part of a good parking design is making sure that it makes money and business. UPark believes that parking management deals importantly on the science of marketing and pricing. Our group of parking experts intricately know how to develop a good parking price point not just on the customer’s perspective but to the partners and clients as well.

What you need for a good Parking Design?

This could be simple as it seems but looking for partner experts who know how to do each and every aspect right is crucial. Find a parking management company near you to guide your business in establishing a well-designed parking space. Contact us here.