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Say goodbye to juggling service providers. UPark and SSI join forces to offer you comprehensive parking and facility management solutions for all your business requirements.

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Your One-Stop Provider of Facility and Parking Management Services

The search for a provider of comprehensive solutions in parking and facility management ends here. From the ground up, our commitment is to present you with our seamlessly integrated parking and facility management services, ensuring you spend less time searching and more time benefitting. Your diverse needs are our priority.

But Why the Integration?

Merging parking management into the broad spectrum of facility services becomes particularly relevant when considering the challenges of property owners and managers. The emphasis on the importance of sustained and comprehensive solutions to complex issues underscores what this collaboration between UPark and SSI hopes to achieve.

We want to introduce a new dimension to service provision to clients. 

Simplify, Optimize, and Thrive.

No more jumping from one service provider to another. Send us your requirements, and we’ll provide a streamlined experience that simplifies your operations.

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All Your Parking And Facility Management Needs Addressed By A Single Service Provider

We understand the value of your time. So, we’ve incorporated all facets of parking and facility management to eliminate your need for negotiations with multiple service providers. With us, you control and utilize your valuable time better by focusing on your core business activities. Time efficiency is not just a promise. It’s our commitment.

Professional Car Parking Management at ZEM by UPark

Parking Services Coverage

Our parking services coverage caters to your diverse needs. UPark presents diverse services that address your parking management requirements. From car park planning to traffic management services, our offerings are designed to provide you with a comprehensive and holistic approach to parking management. Here’s an overview of our offerings:

Car Park Planning and Design

Our car park planning and designing services prioritize important attributes with the objective of creating a safe and secure parking facility.

Automated Parking Systems

Our technology maximizes parking space utilization as well as ensures swift and precise parking, making the most of every square foot in the facility.

Valet Services

We boast a full line of reliable drivers so that visitors can spend more time enjoying their destination and less time navigating parking lots.

Traffic Management Service

Our traffic management services ensure that drivers and parkers can quickly and safely go in and out of the parking facility.


Facility Management Services Coverage

We are dedicated to enhancing your facilities’ functionality, security, and management. Hence, our offerings are tailored so that operations and maintenance of your facilities are ensured from the ground up. Here are the facility management services you can avail of alongside our parking management services:

Sanitation and Disinfection

We provide you with safe, practical, and effective techniques to keep you away from bacteria and viruses.

Janitorial Services

We redefine excellence in cleaning and present you with spotless floors and immaculate workspaces.

Property Maintenance

We conduct regular maintenance of your property and ensure your building is safe through and through.

Office Cleaning

Our office cleaning services involve everything from mopping, dusting, and polishing, to taking out the trash.


Tired of Parking Woes and Facility Management Hassles?

Our integrated approach addresses your pain points, providing seamless solutions for a stress-free experience. If you’re looking for a combination of advanced parking solutions and facility maintenance, we tailor our services to fit seamlessly into your operational framework.

Elevate Efficiency with Integrated Parking and Facility Management Service Providers

Discover a groundbreaking collaboration between UPark, a leading parking management company, and SSI, a top-notch facility management service provider. Bringing you the best of both worlds, we redefine efficiency and streamline your operations, offering a seamless integration of parking and facility management services.

Choose what’s innovative. Choose long-lasting partnerships. Choose us.

Transform Your Space, Transform Your Experience

Witness the transformation as UPark and SSI converge to redefine service excellence. Experience a new era of seamless, hassle-free facility and parking management services.

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