An automated car parking system is a machine-driven device to make it easier for large volume of cars to be parked in a smallest space consumed possible.

This technique allows vehicles to be stacked on numerous floors vertically, saving consumption of space especially in areas or facilities with a limited area to operate. With this technology, business can stretch their profit by making more space readily available for parkers.

Types of Automated Parking System

Any car user finds automated parking systems to be very handy. It was created with the intention of improving parking for drivers. Automatically managed parking has becoming an ideal solution to efficiently and quickly solve decongesting traffic.

Creating an automated parking system is not just about convenience and profit. UPark engineered automated parking system with assurance of safety of its daily operations.

UPark offers automated parking system for a swift, reliable, and safe transaction for everyone. With Automated parking system, parkers can just pay the clerk on the front, park the car, and let the automated parking system take care of the transaction. We use technological advances to bring the transformative power of innovation to the parking industry.

Automated parking machines are also used in our numerous parking facilities. For the best user experience, these automated parking machines use a combination of conveyance devices and software technology for swift transaction for every parking ventures.

Parking Advantages at UPark

One of our parking facilities, Biopolis, uses a Stacker Parking System to lessen the parking retrieval time in the parking transaction services. The parking system is fast due to the mechanism called the steel pallet that is used to lift cars to the steel, multi-deck parking facility that we also created.

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