What is Valet Parking Service

Valet parking is a type of parking service that provides a driver to operate a vehicle to and from a parking facility for drivers and passengers to unload and load right in front of his/her destination.

Valet parking services is commonly seen at hotels and hospitals, where parking is scarce. 

We at UPark provides best valet service in Metro Manila. We have reliable drivers for parkers who do not want to deal with the hassle of parking fees or tickets.

Advantages of Valet Parking

If the establishment is a distant parking spot from the main point of business, valet parking services could be an advantage; most especially if customers or guests have loads to carry on. Drivers with disabilities could also benefit from valet parking services. These kind of services improve the customer experience of a facility or an establishment. Similarly, people who do not have time to look for a parking spot can avoid the hassle by using valet parking.

As business establishment, here are the advantages of engaging a valet service provider for your next parking facility.

  • Increases your control on how you will strategically manage and place each vehicle and guests for easier traffic
  • Reduces risk of accidents involving vehicles since no guests are manning their vehicles on the parking facility
  • Generates smooth traffic flow since valet drivers know exactly where to park each vehicle.

Our valet parking services include general insurance since parking is a high-risk business. We also take charge of the equipment, system and hiring of trained personnel and drivers.

UPark has a valuable experience in ensuring a smooth valet service management system for every client and customer, from achieving efficiency and smooth transaction at the parking facility.

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