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Understanding Illegal Parking Laws for Safe and Legal Parking

The Philippine Government, particularly the Land Transportation Office (LTO), enforces strict illegal parking laws during driver’s license processing. Here’s a refresher on the illegal parking laws imposed by the LTO and why you should avoid them.

5 Useful Car Tips to Help Prevent Car Fires

Car fires are one of the most dangerous and devastating hazards that can happen to anybody. There’s no single cause for such misfortunes but rather a combination of causes. That said, knowing how to prevent car fires is a crucial component to ensure your safety. Here are five car tips to help prevent your vehicle from catching fire.

The Crucial Role of Parking Management Companies

In the previous blog, we underscored the pervasive issue of parking availability nationwide. Finding a parking spot can often feel like navigating a maze, from bustling city centers to suburban shopping complexes. This time, we delve deeper into the solutions offered by parking management companies, focusing specifically on how UPark exemplifies excellence in this field.

Stress-Free LTO License Renewal: Expert Advice and Insider Tips for a Seamless Experience

Step #1. Secure a CDE or Comprehensive Driver’s Education Certificate. You can take this exam online via the LTM Portal or have it taken face-to-face at a select LTO Driver’s Education Center. You can find the center nearest to you by clicking on this link. You must get 13 or more out of 25 questions to pass the exam.

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