Makati is a burgeoning city of urban discoveries and is home to some of the best local and foreign restaurants. While it can be argued that parking is easy because of the great number of facilities there are, the debate can be won by being aware of the fact that there are simply too many cars for such a moderately-sized city to handle. 

Makati is basically a hunter’s paradise. Don Chino Roces Ave, specifically, is known for having some of the most famous go-to locations. With just a minute of walking, you’ll be in for a gastronomic tour, skirting a long table of food delights. Of course, you also have the famed Makati Cinema Square, which is a famed fashionista cove among thrift addicts. 

UPark Chino Roces Avenue Parking Facility

There are many places to see and many foods to enjoy within Makati. But plans only sound like a good one when there are efficient and accessible parking facilities located wherever you want to go, right? So to help with such a problem, UPark has once again found its way back into the financial district. 

This time, we conquer the parking roads with our new facility located along Don Chino Roces Ave.

Worried parking problems might foil your fêtes with friends and family?

Consider parking at our Chino Roces facility. This location is primarily utilized by condominiums and companies with workplaces close to Chino Roces Ave.