Makati is a burgeoning city of urban discoveries and is home to some of the best local and foreign restaurants. While it can be argued that parking is easy because of the great number of facilities there are, the debate can be won by being aware of the fact that there are simply too many cars for such a moderately-sized city to handle. 

Makati is basically a hunter’s paradise. Don Chino Roces Ave, specifically, is known for having some of the most famous go-to locations. With just a minute of walking, you’ll be in for a gastronomic tour, skirting a long table of food delights. Of course, you also have the famed Makati Cinema Square, which is a famed fashionista cove among thrift addicts. 

Blue entrance to the UPark parking facility with large UPark signage in front

There are many places to see and many foods to enjoy within Makati. But plans only sound like a good one when there are efficient and accessible parking facilities located wherever you want to go, right? So to help with such a problem, UPark has once again found its way back into the financial district. 

This time, we conquer the parking roads with our new facility located along Don Chino Roces Ave.

Worried parking problems might foil your fêtes with friends and family?

Consider parking at our Chino Roces facility. This location is primarily utilized by condominiums and companies with workplaces close to Chino Roces Ave.


Do you offer parking reservations? How much does a slot cost?

We offer monthlies. Please send us a message containing your name and contact number for more information regarding rates per slot.

Use the subject head #UParkChinoRoces and email it to

Provide us with a photocopy of your driver’s license as well as your vehicle’s official receipt/ certificate of registration.

Our parking facility along Chino Roces Ave is open Monday to Friday from 6 am to 10 pm. During Saturdays and Sundays, we are open from 6 am to 6pm.

We are closed during holidays.  

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Vicinity Map | Places Nearby

We believe that parking greatly determines where our parkers spend their free time. Here are destinations close to our parking facility that make for a great weekend with friends and family.

Restaurants along Chino Roces Ave

Hatsu Hana Tei | Distance: 150 m

With various Japanese dishes to choose from, Hatsu Hana Tei is easily one of the best and most authentic Japanese restaurants in Makati.

Sekitori Japanese Restaurant | Distance: 130 m

Experience Japan in this all-in-one restaurant. Read manga, listen to Japanese music, and be surrounded by Japanese-speaking staff! Enjoy the different sumo-sized servings of food options they have.

Samgyupsalamat | Distance: 220 m

If there’s one thing we Filipinos love more than rice, it’s hefty servings of meat! Have it for unlimited at Samgyupsalamat. Stack your plates up with meat and embrace the Korean barbecue culture.

For Leisure

Makati Cinema Square | Distance: 250 m

Connect with your inner explorer and head on to Makati Cinema Square. It houses large bowling alleys, archery ranges, and big ukay-ukay destinations.

Armscor Shooting Ranges | Distance: 260 m

Up for a fun shooting experience? Don’t worry about never having held a gun before. The staff at Armscor are more than nice enough to make sure that you enjoy your time there.

Art and Film

TIU Theater | Distance: 400 m

Sucker for good film and musical theater? Book yourself a ticket to see art performed live in this old-school but reasonably modern theater.