5 Useful Car Tips to Help Prevent Car Fires

Do you know that an average of 100,000 cars catch fire every year? While we hate to start this blog with a gruesome fact, we hope this serves as an eye-opener for car owners now more than ever, as extreme heat waves are starting to get the best of us. And in case you missed it, a fire broke out in the NAIA Terminal 3 parking lot last April 23, which set aflame 19 vehicles, including SUVs and cars left in the outdoor parking area of the said establishment. 

The alarming increase in temperatures has raised concerns among owners about protecting their vehicles, especially for those whose cars are left exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time. Car fires are one of the most dangerous and devastating hazards that can happen to anybody. There’s no single cause for such misfortunes but rather a combination of causes. That said, knowing how to prevent car fires is a crucial component to ensure your safety. Here are five car tips to help prevent your vehicle from catching fire.

Five Fire Prevention Car Tips to Help Safeguard Your Vehicle This Hot Season

As temperatures rise, safeguarding your vehicle from potential fire hazards becomes your number one priority. With these five fire prevention car tips, you can ensure your vehicle stays safe and secure during the hot season. Implementing these strategies will help mitigate the risk of fire and keep your vehicle running smoothly throughout the summer months.

1. Leave Your Windows Slightly Open

Leaving your window during the hot season is one of the quickest ways to cool your car. In high-temperature areas such as Metro Manila, where there is little to no shade, keeping your windows slightly open (just enough for the size of a finger to fit through) keeps the hottest air from circulating inside your car. The small gap allows natural convection to occur, helping you cool down your vehicle. 

2. Don’t Leave Flammables In Your Car

Car tip number 2 is to not leave bottled liquids such as water, perfume, and alcohol in your car. Perfumes, for starters, contain sufficient amounts of alcohol, which is highly volatile and flammable. Leaving perfume bottles inside your hot car causes the liquid inside to turn into vapor (gas), which can lead to an explosion of the bottle. Not to mention, the gas is amenable to cause a fire at the slightest spark. The same can be said for aerosol products. 

3. Avoid Leaving Gadgets and Accessories

You may not have thought of it, but leaving your gadgets inside your car can potentially cause a fire under certain circumstances. Items with lithium-ion batteries are highly susceptible to fire, especially if exposed to high temperatures and confined in spaces like a car on a hot day. Because of this, it’s advisable to avoid leaving gadgets in a car. If you must leave them, make sure you keep them out of direct sunlight or use a sunshade to reduce interior temperatures. This brings us to our fourth car tip. 

4. Use a Sunshade

Car tip number 4 is to use a sunshade as a preventive measure against fires.  The purpose of a sunshade is to deflect sunlight away from the car’s interior, preventing the buildup of heat. In turn, this stops your car from heating up excessively. While a sunshade may not directly prevent fires, its role in minimizing the conditions that could lead to a fire inside a vehicle is significant, contributing to overall fire safety in cars.

5. Don’t Leave Combustible Materials

Combustibles such as spray cans, lighter fluid sprays, room fresheners, or car polish sprays are hazardous items that should not be left inside a car on a hot day. This is because the slightest increase in temperature can cause the pressure inside the spray can increase as well. If this pressure exceeds the limit of the canister, these incendiaries may explode and cause a fire or even an explosion.


Car fires are a major source of concern, especially now that the seemingly impossible has happened. As gruesome as it may be, car fires cause severe property damage, environmental damage, and, in the worst-case scenario, may even cause death. Fortunately, you can make your way around it.  

As the famous saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Now that you are well aware of what not to leave inside your vehicles, taking proactive measures such as using a sunshade becomes a must. Remember, your vigilance and attention to detail could make all the difference in ensuring a safe and secure driving experience for you and your passengers.

But when the unthinkable happens, make sure to reach out to the fire emergency hotline via the following lines: 

  • (02) 426-0219 
  • (02) 426-3812 
  • (02)426-0246

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