UPark Opens Makati-Based Parking Facility: Cash & Carry Shopping Mall

When it comes to urban adventures, Makati stands as the number one go-to for those with adventurous spirits. Yet, amidst the city’s charm, parking dilemmas often loom large, and finding a spot becomes a quest in itself. 

Behold the realization of our vision: we are thrilled to announce the grand opening of UPark’s latest addition to our esteemed parking facilities—the all-new Cash & Carry parking in Makati! UPark opens to the public this remarkable addition to our family of parking spaces in Makati, our third one in the busy district. With this unveiling, UPark continues its legacy of providing top-tier parking solutions tailored to the needs of mall-goers, Makati residents, employees, and urban travelers alike.

Welcome, Makati’s Denizens!

At UPark, we are committed to redefining the parking experience for car owners, and we hope our Cash & Carry parking facility exemplifies this dedication. With round-the-clock security during operating hours, we ensure your vehicle is in safe hands during your absence to attend to other matters. As your trusted parking partner, we continuously strive to enhance your parking experience, and we’re excited to provide you with even more convenience and accessibility. Here’s what you need to know about our newest parking facility:

Places Nearby our Cash & Carry Parking Facility: 

In a city akin to a hunter’s paradise, UPark aims to transform parking woes into moments of ease. Adjacent to our facility lies a plethora of gastronomic delights, beckoning with their savory offerings. A mere stroll away, a feast for the senses awaits, promising an experience akin to culinary nirvana.

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Skyway Stage 3

For those who are looking to cut down their trip to the South, the Skyway Stage 3 is easily accessible from our parking at Cash & Carry, Makati. 

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Batalla Gallery

If you wish to surround yourself with the cultural creations of talented Filipino artists, the Batalla Gallery is a must-visit.

Source: lime lite manila hostel – photo by johanna k.

Lime Lite Manila Hostel

Experience the vibrant pulse of Makati’s urban scene at Lime Lite Manila Hostel. Denizen Tip: their Amaretto Sour is to die for.

Source: photo from googlemaps

Farinas Ilocos Empanada

Experience the flavors of the Philippines in one crispy, savory bite at Farinas Ilocos Empanada, just a few minutes away from our parking facility.

Park With Us!

We can’t wait to welcome you to our newest parking facility at Cash & Carry Mall, Makati. Whether you’re running errands, enjoying a day out, or attending appointments, UPark is here to make your parking experience seamless and stress-free in Makati.

Exciting times lie ahead as UPark continues to expand our parking network, bringing cutting-edge facilities to cities across Manila. We look forward to serving you at Cash & Carry Mall, Makati!

Thank you for choosing UPark as your preferred parking partner.

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