What is Multi-Deck Parking?

Multi-deck parking is a type of structure with several floors or levels where people can park their cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. This is commonly use to save up space and accommodate a larger volume of vehicles.

Some structures are constructed permanently, while others are designed as temporary parking facilities to meet short-term parking demand needs. In order to meet the demand for parking in the area, a number of parking decks have been relocated and demounted after a few years to make room for the construction of a permanent structure.

Its design, may it be on a concrete, steel, and automated multi-deck parking can significantly increase the cost of new development planning, and cities may mandate parking requirements for new buildings.

Do you wanna know more about Multi-Deck Parking?

U-Park is the parking management service provider you can trust when it comes to amending for the client’s parking needs. We can relate to the customers’ frustrations with an establishment’s inability to provide parking space for every parker.

U-park is one of the best management companies in managing and building multi-deck parking especially to uniquely-challenged facilities. We know how to deal with this type of parking space to address parking problems in confined areas in the city.

At U-park, we make sure to plan every strategy and resources to the client’s benefit. Additionally, we ensure that our propositions for the client’s parking lot will be advantageous to them and for the parkers.

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